Pa prisni pak, martohen Bora Zemani dhe Donald Veshaj? Ja komenti që ngriti dyshimet e mëdha (FOTO)

Tashmë që janë rikthyer, Bora dhe Donaldi nuk i kursejnë fotot me njëri-tjetrin. Vetëm së fundmi Bora publikoi një foto krah partnerit, por këtë herë vëmendjen e ka tërhequr një detaj tjetër.

Mes shumë komentesh ka rënë në sy komenti i Semi Jaupajt, e cila është mikeshë e ngushtë e dyshes.

Këngëtarja ka komentuar emojin e një nuseje dhe ndjekësit menjëherë kanë vërshuar nga komentet: “Ka ndonjë risi?”, “Kemi dasmë?”, “Kur është data e dasmës?”.


Festa e Birrës erdhi! A e dini cili është restoranti më i famshëm në Korçë?

Të mërkurën, të enjten dhe të premten keni një mundësi të artë për të kaluar ca ditë të bukura verore, me shërbim cilësor dhe me njerëz të mrekullueshëm.

E kemi fjalën për Festën e Birrës në restorantin më spektakolar të Korçës, “O2 Boutique”.

Nesër aty do të performojë çifti Venera dhe Lind Islami, duke filluar nga ora 20:00.

Do të jetë një mbrëmje festive me ushqim cilësor dhe atmosferë tipike prej korçarësh, të cilët gjithmonë dinë të organizojnë evente të bukura e plot shije.

Të enjten do të performojnë Lorenc Hasrama dhe Stiv Boka, fansat e të cilëve gjithmonë e kanë shprehur publikisht mbështetjen dhe admirimin për ta.

Orari nuk ndryshon, festa fillon në 20:00.

Më 19 gusht, mbyllja bëhet me një natë tipike greke, aty ku performon si i ftuar special Pano Psaltis.

Nëse dëshironi të rezervoni, mjafton një telefonatë në numrin e paraqitur në foto. Adresa: Bulvardi “Fan Noli”, Korçë.


PitBull Dog Lifts Her Head When She Sees Woman Approaching After Being Chained To Same Spot For 8 Years

Lola the Pitbull was very happy when she found a home with a family. But ilovemydogsomuch writes that the family never accepted the dog.

They chained her in the middle of an open garage with no protection from the weather. For eight years they fed her only crumbs and did not even touch her with affection.

As rusty chains wrapped around her, strangling her, Lola did her best to free herself. When she saw a tumor growing on one of her back legs and two larger ones on her chest, she knew the end was near. The poor girl felt defeated and resigned to her fate.

A few months later, a staff member from AMA Animal Rescue became aware of Lola’s situation.

When the woman confronted the owner with the fact that she had neglected Lola and kept her locked up, the owner simply asked her to take the dog away. The family was happy to get the dog ,,out of the way”.

We see Lola’s heartbreaking reaction when she is released for the first time in eight years. She cuddled her rescuer as her chains are removed and happily follows her to the shelter.

Weakened by years of neglect, Lola’s rescuers made it a priority to remove the tumors and nurse her back to health. After months of intensive treatment, Lola is finally cured and ready for adoption!

Due to her advanced age, Lola was initially rejected many times. In the end a woman named Charlene went head over heels with the dog and agreed to make her her forever mom!

After a long time of grief and pain, the indestructible Lola finally lives like a queen in her new home!


Rescuer Found A Puppy Alone, Wounded, Shivering And Crying For Help

A woman from St. Louis Stray Rescue was walking through the snowy streets when she heard an abandoned puppy’s cry for help.

As reported by, she followed the sound and found an injured puppy shivering and howling in fear in a snowdrift.

Donna’s heart skipped a beat as she approached the fragile puppy. The poor baby was infected from a nasty wound on his side and was suffering from a condition called paraphimosis, which affects uncircumcised men and needs to be treated accordingly.

The puppy, now named Weezer, looked so grateful when Donna came to visit.

Despite the pain, his whimpers of fear were silenced as she led him to the car. He felt safe and showed it by wagging his tail warmly

Donna immediately took him to the trauma center where he was treated. Veterinarians determined that the infected wound was caused by a buried harness that her owner had cruelly given her.

Weezer, estimated to be about seven months old, is recovering well. We are grateful for Donna’s love and care and hope that a better life awaits sweet Weezer. Our prayers and love for this precious puppy!

Watch the video below to see lonely Weezer screaming in pain in the cold!


Woman Begging Homeless Pit Bull To Fight Back While He Knew That He Was Dying

A pit bull was nearly dying when he was found in a homeless shelter. He was named Saint. His emaciated body was infested with various parasites and he was tired of fighting the pain every day.

Desperate to end his suffering, he refused everything necessary to keep him alive. A woman found Saint’s misery and her heart broke. The woman’s name is Heather.

Feeling sorry for the guiltless dog, she took him into her home as a shelter dog.

According to ilovemydog, the aim was to make him feel adored and appropriated in his last days, but Heather was surprised when Saint refused to eat.

Aziz was completely disconnected from his long and stressful life and was waiting to give up. He did not care about being loved or collaborate with his caregivers because he was losing his liveliness.

Even when he could no longer stand on his own, Heather did her best to show him that he mattered and that changed everything!

Heather’s efforts to encourage Saint to fight for her touched his heart and he decided to fight for her! He started to eat and slowly reconnected with the world. Slowly and steadily his health improved and his will to live was revitalized!

Despite the crushing weight of the past, Saint decided to accept the present and live with his new family! He started to look forward to car trips, trips to the beach and play dates.

Considering he is at his lowest point at the beginning of the video, it is a real treat to see him show his commitment towards the end! Saint is truly an inspiring survivor and a champion for the marginalized!

Watch the video below to see how Saint went from zero to hero after being given a second chance at life!


Abandoned Dog Couldn’t Stop Showing Gratitude To The Woman Who Rescued Him

It goes without saying that the rescued animals are eternally grateful to their rescuers. After all, many of these animals were rescued from terrible and cruel situations.

But this little dog goes one step further! According to reports, the puppy was abandoned with his siblings, tied up and left without food and water. The dogs were left to suffer in the summer heat.

When a woman found the dogs, she knew she had to act immediately to save them. She put the dogs in her car and drove them to a safe place.

“I saw abandoned dogs that had not been given food, water or shelter for days and were dying in temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius. They were tied with two-meter chains and could not move.”

“I was waiting to see if someone would help them and I couldn’t sleep at night, so I rescued them.”

While she was driving one puppy couldn’t hold back but reaching out his paw and grabbing her hand.

,,It broke my heart to see that he was neglected, that he was dying, and that he was not angry with me, but grateful.” she explained. ,,I started crying and he was no longer focused on himself but on my needs.

She marveled at how a dog that had been so mistreated could show so much love and trust in her.

,,I couldn’t believe there was so much love coming from an animal that literally just came out of the situation it was in.

We really don’t deserve dogs!

Look at this cuteness in the video below.


Nothing Will Ever Replace My Mom

I have never gone through anything quite as bad as this.

Sure, I have been through some tough stuff and had some struggles, but nothing prepared me for the pain and struggle of my mom getting sick and dying way earlier in life than she was ever supposed to.

The grief of being a young girl without a mom was unbearable. I didn’t know how to cope, move on or “survive”. Some days I literally did not know what to do.

I didn’t know how I was going to get through it, and it didn’t feel like it would ever get easier. The grief was unbearable.

As time went on, I realized exactly that: this grief was unbearable, and it was quite possibly the hardest thing I will ever go through. It has made a lot of life’s “little” problems seem a lot less important. It has made the petty stuff I used to complain about seem so small and irrelevant.

It taught me to view life and relationships very differently. I no longer have time for the small petty drama. I no longer have any interest in fighting for people to stay in my life who didn’t want to be there.

On the other hand, I cherish my loved ones even more. I became terrified to lose the people close to me. I started spending more time on the people who gave me the same love and support I gave them.

But most importantly, it taught me resilience. Resilience to prove I can make it through anything that life throws my way.

If I was able to survive the death of the most important person in my life and start to figure out how to navigate this world without her, I would most certainly be OK with the tough stuff to come.

Everyone has a different story. Everyone shares a different relationship with their moms. I understand that although my life, story, and relationship may be different from someone else’s, for me, this was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with and I believe that it may be the most difficult thing I will ever have to go through.

Nothing will ever take the place of my mom.

Nothing will ever be fair about the fact that I had to lose my mom way sooner in life than anyone should have to. There probably won’t ever be a day I go without thinking about her.

However, I do believe that in time and healing, we can learn to conquer this terrible loss and learn how to “survive.”


My World Collapsed Around Me On The Day My Mom Died

My mom has been gone for over 7 years now. It is almost hard to believe that, that much time has passed since she left this world. On some days it seems like yesterday and on other days it seems like it was a lifetime ago.

Although some days it seems so long ago, I remember the days leading up to and the moments surrounding her passing like it was yesterday.

I remember the world collapsing around me.

I remember crying in the arms of my dad and my aunt.

I remember people coming over and feeling a combination of the most emotion I have ever felt and the numbest I’ve ever felt all at the same time.

I remember what people we wearing. I remember where we picked up pizza for the family that night. I remember exactly which family members and friends were over.

I remember trying to pretend everything was normal and trying to hide all my emotions.

I remember hiding in the bathroom while everyone was at our house just to get some alone time to cry.

I remember being afraid to show emotion in front of my dad because he was grieving too.

I remember not knowing how to talk to my friends because honestly, they had never lived through something like this and although they tried to be compassionate, they truly had no idea what to do or say.

I remember being afraid to go back to school and work. I remember being afraid that people would judge me for not staying home longer.

I remember friends not inviting me places because they did not think it was appropriate when I was grieving.

I remember just wanting people to treat me normally however nobody seemed to know how.

I remember feeling different from everyone else.

I remember a lot about those days, weeks and months.

But there is nothing I remember more than knowing at the exact moments that my mom took her last breaths; my world was collapsing around me and would never be the same.


My Mom Died And It Isn’t Fair

Your mom is supposed to be there for you as you grow up. Your mom is supposed to be there right by your side when you need advice, when you get your heart broken, and basically anytime you need a shoulder to cry on.

But the reality of losing your mom way earlier age than you should- you don’t get to have her for those things. You don’t get to have her support when you need it. You don’t get to cry in her arms when your stressed and your life is falling apart.

I was considered an adult when I lost my mom. But let me tell you, I was nowhere near a “grown up” when it came to still needing my mom for so many important things.

Forget all of the big milestones she was going to miss. Aside from all of that, there were still so many basics of daily life that I still needed her for.

Things as simple as helping me pick out an outfit for a job interview or a first day to having someone to come home and eat icecream in bed with after a bad day at school or work.

There is so much she is missing. There is so much I am missing out on as well. There are so many moments that every mom and daughter get so excited to be sharing together. There are so many moments my mom would have been so proud to be there for. There are so many things she would have been so overjoyed to get to share with me.

But our reality got cut short.

I don’t get to have my mom help me pick out shoes to go with my new dress

I don’t get to ask my mom for advice on the new person that I am dating.

I don’t get to binge watch movies in bed with my mom instead of going out on a Friday night.

I don’t get to call my mom on the way home from a bad day at work.

I don’t get to call my mom to tell her about the exciting news in my life.

This list goes on and on. Along with a list of all of the things my mom is going to miss. Along with a list of all the things that my mom was SUPPOSED to be there for.

Our time got cut short. Way too short. It will never be fair, but what I can do, is continue to make her proud.


To My Mom, You Were An Angel On Earth, And You Are Now My Angel In Heaven

Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers”, one of the first songs that have really spoken to me in quite some time. A song that can relate and understand all of my own feelings in losing such a wonderful woman, my mom.

“You were an angel in the shape of my mom” You sure were. And now, just a different kind of angel.

Really, I like to think that you were an angel on earth. You were the most caring, loving, selfless and kind person that I have ever known.

You left an impact on everyone’s life that you came in contact with. There was not a person in this world that could say you were anything other than an absolutely beautiful soul.

You were my mom, but you were also so much more. You were my best friend. You were my confident. You were the person who knew exactly what to do or say when everything in life was a mess.

You were everything to me. You were the greatest person I have ever known and still the most important person in my life.

There has not been, nor will there ever be, someone that will take your place. You are everything and more to me and for that, I am the luckiest daughter in this world.

How lucky am I to say that my mom was an angel while on this earth and is now, my angel in heaven?

How lucky am I to say that my mom was genuinely the greatest person?

How lucky am I to say that my mom was also my best friend?

I am so lucky. The absolute luckiest. And even though our time on earth got cut short; I will never stop loving you, I will never stop missing you, I will never stop making you proud and I will never stop being grateful that you got to be my mom.

Every day is a day closer to seeing you again, but until then, I will live this life for you, my angel.